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WE LOVE READER REVIEWS! Big thanks to Nicole Smith for her kind words and 4 Star review of In The Wind - A Tom Myers Mystery, the first book in the Tom Myers series. You can find it now in paperbackebook, and audio. Get an autographed copy HERE. Published by BEN Books.

Snow's Tom "Mac" McClellan appears in this story.

Book review: In The Wind by Bobby Nash
I finished book #12for2023 today. My first physical book of the year. This was what felt like a slower-paced mystery and I loved it. I felt like I was a resident of Sommersville, GA and had to know what was next.
The book description reads:
“A safehouse ablaze.
Four dead federal agents.
A missing federal witness.
Two wounded agents clinging to life.
Another day at the office for Sheriff Tom Myers.“
Sheriff Tom Myers and the other characters were likable. The missing witness, Bates Hewell, annoyed the heck out of me for causing so much havoc. The other “not so good” guys made me wish they got everything that was coming to them. I noted 4 major action scenes and they did NOT disappoint. This is the first fiction book I tabbed because there were several characters introduced and I wanted to keep everyone straight. I could see this book as a series on Netflix. Kudos to the author and can't wait to get more books at the next event.👍🏽

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