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Uncle Bob
Hi. Thanks for visiting Bobby's Patreon 2.0 page. Please feel free to look around at A Big Thank You to my patrons for their continued support and encouragement. It means the world to me and I look forward to continuing our creative journey together.

Why Bobby's Patreon 2.0?

​When I started this page, it was to help raise a little extra money for convention travel. In 2017, I found myself underemployed on the day job front and caring for two sick parents, which equaled a full time job. ​At that point, Patreon became a means to help pay some bills. As I go into 2018, I am redoubling my efforts to write full time and make my freelance writing and my BEN Books creator-owned publishing imprint a going concern. Patreon money will help me keep eating and a roof over my head while I get things moving.

​I've also talked with my patrons and after hearing their ideas and feedback, I am making some changes to the page. The monthly sketch giveaway has been tabled for the time being. I still love doing them, but with a limited number of patrons they were winning often and after a while, the free art loses some appeal, I think.

​Free giveaways will become more organic going forward. At times, I will do a drawing for either paperback copies of new releases or a sketch or whatever I have that is perfect for a giveaway. I'm working up some cool ideas on that score. Stay tuned for details as I get everything ironed out. ​These giveaways would be exclusive to patrons.

​Another area of interest was in doing blog post style tutorials about writing. I recently released a post about creating the cover for my novel, Deadly Games! and I am planning a series of posts about the creation process I use when writing. Those are coming up soon and will be exclusive to patrons.

​I am also playing around with the idea of doing Patron exclusive interviews with other creators where we will discuss the creative process. Those would start as patron exclusives and then rolled out to the general public at a later date. I'm still trying to work the bugs out on this.

​These are early day ideas. As always, I am open to suggestions. If there are topics you would like me to blog about, I would be happy to take suggestions. If you've got questions, send them along as well. I'll answer them here as well.

​The monthly ebook giveaway will not change and I will make ebook copies of all of my new releases available to you as well, publisher permitting (although, so far this has not been a problem). 

​Thanks again for your support.

​Let's go create something together!



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