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WE LOVE READER REVIEWS! Big thanks to Ryan Permison for his kind words and 4 Star GoodReads review of Snow Shorts Vol. 3. You can read it HERE or below.

"Snow Shorts are just as fun and surprising as the main series! The Abraham Snow universe is the best in the world. Action-packed with compelling characters. The stories hook you from start to finish. It’s Burn Notice for a new generation. Snow is a must-read!"

Snow Shorts features tales by Charles F. Millhouse, Bernadette Johnson, and Snow creator, Bobby Nash. Cover by Jeffrey Hayes. Audio narration performed by Stuart Gauffi. Edits by Michael Gordon. Published by BEN Books. Learn more at www.abrahamsnow.com

Thanks again, Ryan. We'll take Burn Notice comparisons any day of the week and twice on Sundays.#TheSummerOfSnow continues...

Learn more below.

An action/thriller collection


Declassified at last! Snow Shorts delve into the adventures of Abraham Snow, his family, and his friends in short, bite-sized action/thriller tales. Volume 3 contains stories featuring Abraham Snow, Elizabeth Walker, and Archer Snow.

Snow Short #7: Snow Heart featuring Abraham Snow by Charles F. Millhouse.
Trouble finds Abraham Snow, even when he’s not looking for it. When the Granddaughter of a Baltic State President needs a heart transplant they travel to the United States under tight security. When the child becomes the plot of a terrorist’s revenge, Snow must race against time and an old enemy to save her life.

Snow Short #8: Snow Chase featuring Abraham and Archer Snow by Bobby Nash.
Archer and Abraham Snow are back in action! At a secluded mountain resort, cut off from civilization, someone is targeting one of Snow Security’s high-value clients. During a clandestine summit consisting of some of the most powerful businessmen and women in the world, can Snow stop the assassin in time? The chase is on!

Snow Short #9: Dead Drop featuring Elizabeth Walker by Bernadette Johnson.
A body is found at, of all places, a dead drop, and agent Liz Walker must deduce who committed a murder right in Mother’s backyard.

Snow Shorts Vol. 3
 is available at the following retailers:
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Written by Charles F. Millhouse, Bernadette Johnson, and Bobby Nash.
Cover illustration/design by Jeffrey Hayes of PlasmaFire Graphics.
An audiobook narrated by Stuart Gauffi is currently in production.
Edits by Ben Ash Jr. and Michael Gordon.
Published by BEN Books. www.ben-books.com

Learn more about Snow at www.abrahamsnow.com
#TheSummerOfSnow continues…

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