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Even when the temperature drops, we still celebrate #TheSummerofSnow! Available in hardcover, paperback, ebook, and audio for your thrill-seeing pleasure. You can also read Snow's adventures for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. You can find Snow at the following:
SNOW Series 1, Vol. 1 SC (collects 1st 3 Snow stories):
SNOW Series 1, Vol. 1 HC (collects 1st 3 Snow stories):
Paul Bishop Presents… Disorderly Conduct: Another Ten Tales of Murder and Mayhem paperback (SNOW FLIES):
Paul Bishop Presents… Disorderly Conduct: Another Ten Tales of Murder and Mayhem ebook (SNOW FLIES):
SNOW STAR is coming soon!

Learn more about SNOW's adventures and find more purchase links at and get in on the action today!

Written and created by Bobby Nash
Cover Art: Dennis Calero and Jeffrey Hayes
Audio Narrator: Stuart Gauffi
Published by BEN Books  


It was a thrill to be interviewed by South Australian Author VK Tritschler for her blog. I'm the second interview on the page HERE. I hope you will give it a look.

Thanks again, VK. Much appreciated.

"Bobby Nash has one of the most extensive collections of writing I have ever interviewed, so I just had to know how he does it."

It was a joy to interview Author Bobby Nash and Tim Ricketts this month and ask them about how they create their art. Thank you to them both! #WritingCommunity #WritersLift #amwriting
You can read the full review HERE.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


A new chapter of "In The Wind" the new serialized novella starring Sommersville, GA Sheriff Tom Myers by Bobby Nash is now available exclusively on Patreon at .

Welcome to week 7 of In The Wind, a Sheriff Tom Myers mystery.

The story so far: The manhunt continues. A federal safe house has been attacked. A federal witness is missing and on the run. In this chapter, Tyson Monroe arrives in Sommersville to find the missing witness. Tom Myers and his deputies are on the hunt.

The usual yada, yada, yada...

IN THE WIND is a new Patreon-exclusive serialized novel by award-winning author Bobby Nash. IN THE WIND is the first stand-alone story featuring Sheriff Tom Myers and the Sommersville, Georgia Sheriff's Department, as soon in the pages of EVIL WAYSDEADLY GAMES!, and the upcoming EVIL INTENT and picks up on threads from the SNOW thrillers, especially Snow Storm (events from this book are referenced in chapter 3). It's all connected, folks!

I attach each chapter as a stand-alone PDF by chapter and the story to date with previous chapters in place (PDF with + Previous) as well to keep the formatting in place.

The opening chapter FREE to read. Other chapters, like this one, are available only to patrons until it is completed and released by BEN Books in 2020. If you have friends that might enjoy this story, please share chapter 0 with them and invite them to subscribe. You can find Chapter 0 here:

Just a head's up! IN THE WIND is an adult suspense/thriller. There will be some murder, death, mayhem, and terror taking place in this story. There may even be some cussing and sex too. Please be aware of that going in. If it were a movie, I suspect it would have an R rating, maybe PG-13. You've been warned.

For those just joining us, In The Wind is a serialized thriller premiering exclusively on Patreon for patrons only. A new chapter of In The Wind will debut every week. If you know someone who might enjoy this novella or the previous serialized novel, SUICIDE BOMB, please tell them about it. For as little as $1 a month, anyone can join the party. Please, invite your friends.

Sit back, have fun, and enjoy Sheriff Tom Myers' first stand-alone story, IN THE WIND..

As always, I appreciate your support. Feedback is also welcome and appreciated.


Saturday, January 18, 2020


As we get ready for #TheSummerofSnow 2020, I am proud to present the launch of the brand-new home for all things Snow. The new SNOW Homepage is located at Hopefully, this will make it easier for readers to find SNOW books, learn about the SNOW characters, and stay up to date on all things SNOW.

You will still be able to access the SNOW Page from Bobby Nash's website and the BEN Books website as well.

Please, head on over and take a peek. We're still adding and updating. Creator bios will be added soon. Is there anything you'd like to see added? Let me know in the comments.

Let's focus on #TheSummerofSnow in 2020!


Friday, January 17, 2020


Welcome to the new Abraham Snow website.


“Sometimes half an inch is all that stands between life and death.”

Art by Jeffrey Ray Hayes. Click for larger view.
In 2019, #TheSummerofSnow kicked into high gear and we plan to keep that excitement going into 2020 with the release of SNOW STAR and SNOW DOWN in paperback, ebook, and audio. SNOW Series 1, Vol. 2 will arrive in hardcover, paperback, ebook, and audio. And that's only the beginning of 2020. As we move deeper into #thesummerofsnow, there will be more exciting stories headed your way from author Bobby Nash and BEN Books.

The following Snow titles are currently on sale. Snow Falls, Snow Storm, Snow Drive, Snow Trapped, SNOW Series 1 Vol. 1, and Paul Bishop Presents... Disorderly Conduct (featuring Snow Flies). You can click the handy Amazon links to the right or click on the book title above for multiple links.

There's more Snow to come.

Stay frosty.


Snow video created by Jeffrey Hayes.

What folks are saying about SNOW...

“Bobby Nash is the face of New Pulp. His prose is as sharp as a razor, and his novel Snow is as powerful as a psycho swinging a baseball bat...”
-- Paul Bishop, author of Lie Catchers, Croaker

"Five Stars! Good hard hitting crime novel, part of Nash's ongoing series. Highly recommended!"
-- Buzz Dixon, writer of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Buck Rogers, Thundaar The Barbarian

"Bobby Nash's love for the 70's P.I. sings off these pages like a bullet careening off the windshield of a Detroit Muscle car. Razor sharp writing and deep pulp sensibility keeps this series at the top of the list!"
-- James R. Tuck- author of the Deacon Chalk series

"It's a difficult thing for a writer to show a love for an influence without becoming a copy or a pastiche of it. But in SNOW, Bobby Nash basically teaches a tutorial in that hard-to-get-a-hold-of skill. If you don't hear a '70s TV detective theme song in the back of your head while reading, you're reading it wrong. This is a grade-A work by a writer hitting his stride and hitting it hard."
-- Sean Taylor, author of Show Me A Hero, Gene Simmons' Dominatrix

"Bobby Nash is the man who looked Genre in the eye when it challenged him and said 'Try me' and then proceeded to write whatever the hell he wanted."
-- Tommy Hancock, Pro Se Productions

“Bobby Nash is my 'go to' guy for thrills and kills on the page, and Snow is why...”
-- Paul Bishop, author of Lie Catchers, Croaker

“Snow Falls is a griping thriller that Bobby Nash delivers in assured strokes of characterization and a driven plot.”
-- Gary Phillips, author of Treacherous: Grifters, Ruffians and Killers

"SNOW S1V1 IS A CLASSIC ACTION ADVENTURE WORTH A READ! After purchasing Bobby Nash’s “Snow” series 1 volume 1, I sat it on the side table with the intention of reading it when the opportunity presented itself, however once I started reading the book, casual reading turned into compulsory reading until I finished the book. “Snow Falls” and “Snow Storm,” the first two Snow stories were a fun classic detective story read that reminded me of great television cop dramas that inspired the author. The first two books were a solid introduction to the main character Abraham Snow, his family and friends who accompany him on his action adventures. It was in the third book, “Snow Drive,” that I became a fan. The story is tight, and the mystery whips you around keeping you suitably off balance until the end. I totally recommend the “Snow” series and the best way it to purchase the first three books in this single volume. Truly worth a five-star rating. Looking forward to the further adventures of Abraham Snow."
-- Robert Preston, SNOW Series 1, Vol. 1 Amazon review

"A series that won't leave you cold. The story begins with an undercover agent's worst nightmare. His cover is blown in the middle of nowhere while surrounded by enemies. Abraham Snow survives by the slimmest bit of luck. His physical limitation caused by his wound add to the tension of the action scenes and for a retired agent, Snow sees a lot of action. Tightly written and instantly enjoyable, I highly recommend this book."
-- Michael A. Dubrow, Snow Falls Amazon review

"Snow Rises! In the afterword, Bobby Nash writes that SNOW FALLS is inspired by the TV shows of earlier decades, and that's exactly what SNOW FALLS feels like. Heck, the only thing missing is an accompanying Post/Carpenter theme song. Nash has created a character in Abraham Snow that feels like an old friend. Like Thomas Magnum or "Skid" McCormick or the dudes from Riptide, the appeal with Snow is having an engaging escort through the action you expect. Through it all, Nash makes the familiar feel fresh. While some of the pacing is slowed a bit because this is the first in the series and there's a range of secondary characters to establish, SNOW FALLS is, by and large, a satisfying page turner. I'll be back for more Snow stories in the future."
-- Mark Bousquet, Snow Falls Amazon Review

"Fast-Paced Action Novella! A fast-paced action novella that introduces us to Abraham Snow, a spy who tries to retire after recovering from an almost-fatal bullet shot – but circumstances (and his family) conspire to keep him from doing so. Snow’s grandfather Archer Snow is an amazing character! DragonCon fans will recognize the Atlanta hotel where most of the action takes place. Highly recommended!"
-- Darrell Grizzle, Snow Falls Amazon Review

"Pulp Adventure With Lots of Action! Bobby Nash does it again, with another fast-paced thriller featuring a wounded-but-still badass Abraham Snow as well as his equally badass grandfather Archer Snow! I read this series out of order but each novella stands on its own. If you like pulp adventure with lots of action, you'll love this series!"
-- Darrell Grizzle, Snow Storm Amazon Review

"Exciting Thriller! Abraham Snow faces danger on two fronts in this exciting thriller from Bobby Nash, a master of pulp fiction. One front is the fast-paced world of auto racing, where sabotage and corporate competition can be deadly. The other front is a threat from an old enemy from the previous novel in the series, SNOW FALLS. Stuart Gauffi once again does a fantastic job as narrator for the Audible version. SNOW DRIVE is recommended for anyone who loves thrillers or mysteries."
-- Darrell Grizzle, Snow Drive Amazon Review

"A Great Introduction to Abraham Snow! Snow Falls is about a military man finding his new place in life when he is thrust back into active duty. It sets up an interesting family dynamic and a cast of adversaries for the next books of the series while providing a fun, easy read. The main character, Abraham Snow, is a Jack Ryan type in that he makes a good perspective for readers to follow into whatever plot is set before him."
-- Steven Murphy, Snow Falls Amazon review

"Another great Snow book! Snow Storm is a good continuation of the Snow Series, surpassing Snow Falls in plot intrigue. It reads a bit like an episode of solid TV. It tells a complete story, makes you care about the characters, and builds to something bigger to be revealed in future books. The narration is also great and makes it easy to know who's talking by the tone of voice."
-- Steven Murphy, Snow Storm Amazon review

"Buy it! Bobby Nash has created a character and a world that screams to be made into a TV series. Bond, Templar, Ryan and Bourne need to step aside for Abraham Snow."
-- JPMCII, Snow Falls Amazon review

"Great series! These books are always so well-written and entertaining."
-- BooksBeforeFood, Snow Drive Amazon Review

"Snow Trapped' will suck you in and won't let go! Abraham Snow is at it again! Explosive action and more intrigue into the Ortega plotline. I highly enjoyed this book and I can't wait for the next one in the series!"
-- Studio Creations, Snow Trapped Amazon Review

"Bobby Nash does not Disappoint! Bobby Nash does not disappoint! Snow Trapped, the fourth entry in the Snow Series, puts Abraham Snow and his former handler Walker in the path of a high tech theft. Unwittingly of course! Reading this entry reminded me of a certain Bruce Willis "Christmas" film. Yes it is that good!

Big reveals on the Daniella Cordoza (Abraham Snow's nemesis) front that will leave you stunned. Another great entry in the series. Fast and engaging reading! From the book summary, "It’s time to saddle up and yippeekiya one more time." Truth!"
-- John Kilgallon, Snow Trapped Amazon Review

"Abraham Snow, still recovering from his injuries, meets ... July 27, 2018
Abraham Snow, still recovering from his injuries, meets up with Elizabeth Walker, his former handler who is still active in a shadow spy agency that doesn't officially exist. As Snow is finding out a surprising secret and identifying a crucial dead body, a gang of data thieves is breaking into the same skyscraper building for the unrelated heist of a computer server. The heist quickly becomes related, though, as Snow and Walker get caught in the crossfire. The data thieves sure as hell picked the wrong day for their burglary! Another fast-paced thriller in the action-packed Snow series."
-- Darrell Grizzle, Snow Trapped Amazon Review

"I love this series of books. They are actually two books in one. The first is the investigative story while the other is Snow's ongoing story."
-- Martha A. Cheves, Snow Drive Amazon review

"Snow Falls is a page turner! I was highly impressed with "Snow Falls". It's the first book of the 'Snow' series, so there was a lot of introductions of characters and settings, but once those were established, the action kicked and and I couldn't put the book down. Bobby Nash has a knack for writing action sequences. I am looking forward to reading more adventures of Abraham Snow."
-- Studio Creations, Snow Falls Amazon Review

"A Fast Paced Action-er with Character! Third in the Snow series from Bobby Nash, "Snow Drive" is a fast paced action-er with lots of character moments and NASCAR. Did I say NASCAR? Yep. The main plot is to solve sabotage occurring to a racing team at Atlanta Motor Speedway. While the main plot is interesting enough, there are also continuing elements from the earlier two books involving the Ortega cartel. One of the fun parts of the book is the development of Big John Salmon. He's Archer Snow's personal driver and mechanic, best friend to Abraham Snow, the main character. We learn NASCAR was a dream for him, one that crashed and burned when he went to prison for auto theft. Lots of moments as he tries to empathize with Beau Chambers, the bad boy of the Chambers Race Team. Again, a great, fast read and highly recommended. Looking forward to the next Snow adventure!"
-- John Kilgallon, Snow Drive Amazon Review

"Great Read! Like a pilot for your new favorite TV show. I'm really looking forward to further adventures with Abraham Snow. (Now if we could just get Bobby Nash on a weekly schedule.)"
-- Russell L. Anderson, Snow Falls, Amazon review

"Another great chapter in the life of Abraham Snow! Another great chapter in the life of Abraham Snow. I love the world that Booby Nash is building with this series. A great main character with a stellar supporting cast. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series."
--Little John, Snow Drive, Amazon review
"In Snow Storm, you'll find bullets flying and plenty of action as Snow, Brooks, Snow's brother and grandfather all try to keep the two families from killing each other as well as Katie and her mother Pamela. It has a few twists and turns that kept me reading not sure this could be accomplished."
-- Martha A. Cheves, Snow Storm Amazon review

"Fast-Paced Action! A fast-paced action novella that introduces us to Abraham Snow, a spy who tries to retire after recovering from an almost-fatal bullet shot – but circumstances (and his family) conspire to keep him from doing so. Snow’s grandfather Archer Snow is an amazing character, and I hope in future books in this series we’ll see more of his backstory. DragonCon fans will recognize the Atlanta hotel where most of the action takes place. Highly recommended!"
-- Darrell Grizzle, Snow Falls Amazon Review

"I read the first Abraham Snow story and liked it a great deal April 20, 2017
I read the first Abraham Snow story and liked it a great deal. I’ve been waiting for the second to break for far too long. Solid action. Especially a well written shortcut through the back roads of Georgia that makes you feel like yer in the back seat of the ride. Great characters and slick, real dialogue flows easily from start to finish. It’s solid storytelling all around and a bargain at the price. We need more effective stories like this. I’m waiting on the third installment now."
-- C. William Russette, Snow Storm Amazon review

"Two Fisted Prose: Art for The Damned! This is the 2nd book in Nash's Abraham Snow ouvre and it doesn't fail to deliver. The characters are lush, vibrant and real, the pacing pitch perfect and the action breathless.

Author Bobby Nash excells where so many other writers fail, he immerses himself in the waters of pulp fiction like a hard boiled sinner and emerges as a baptized revivalist, a gifted, insightful artist with a sardonic voice more befitting the classics than crime fiction.

Seldomnly does a writer transcend genre fiction with this sort of artistic abandon, this sort of zeal. Two fisted prose of this Ilk belongs alongside the works of Hemingway, Chekov, Kerouac and Nabikov."
-- Logan Proudfoot, Snow Storm Amazon review

"This book took me one night to read. It is a short book but it's also one that was packed with action and I had a bit of trouble putting it down until finished. It is book one in a series and left me wanting to know more about the man that almost killed Snow, as well as the sniper who went after Salizar. You can bet I'll dig into book two in the near future."
-- Martha A. Cheves, Snow Falls Amazon review