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#FreshSnow in #TheSummerOfSnow! PRE-ORDER NOW! Snow Shorts Vol. 1 is now available for pre-order on audio. Snow Shorts Vol. 1 features stories by Gary Phillips, Nicole Givens Kurtz, and Bobby Nash. Narrated by Stuart Gauffi. Cover by Plasmafire Graphics’ Jeffrey Hayes. Published by BEN Books. Learn more about Abraham Snow at

You can find Snow Shorts Vol. 1 available for pre-order on audio at the following:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Blackstone Library (December 7th)

More audio options coming soon. #SnowDay

Also available in paperback and ebook.

About Snow Shorts Vol. 1
Short stories! Big action! Declassified at last! Snow Shorts delve into the adventures of Abraham Snow, his family, and his friends in short, bite-sized action/thriller tales. Volume 1 contains stories featuring Abraham Snow, Big John Salmon, and we’re introduced to Mama Snow herself in what was Laura Snow’s first appearance in print.

Snow Short #1: "Snow Flies" featuring Abraham Snow by Bobby Nash.
Abraham Snow goes undercover and takes to the air when a pilot friend of his goes missing. The trail leads him to a casino, smugglers, and dangerous skies. Can Snow disrupt the smuggling operation and save his friend and their unexpected passengers before they’re shot down? "Snow Flies" was a 2020 Pulp Factory Award nominee for Best Pulp Short Story.

Snow Short #2: "Thieves’ Alley" featuring Big John Salmon by Gary Phillips.
Big John Salmon had built a new life for himself after being incarcerated. But now an old friend, an unrepentant thief, was dying in a prison hospital in the high desert. Pulled back in by personal honor as the man’s family is under threat, Big John is recruited to carry off one last heist - against a quirky billionaire’s fortified penthouse atop the Phan-Tan Casino under heavy guard. Yet the prize wasn’t money. Squeezed by forces known and unknown, Salmon once again walks down thieves’ alley as he puts his plan in motion. Calling on an edge forged in the fires of adversity might tip the odds in his favor to make it out alive...or wind up on the slab.

Snow Short #3: "A Stranger Calls" featuring Laura Snow by Nicole Givens Kurtz.
Laura Snow (mother of Abraham, Douglas, and Samantha) is enjoying her life. A free spirit, Laura follows her bliss. The journey leads her to Taos, New Mexico where she has created a life for herself away from the dangers her family often finds themselves facing. Or so she thought. Laura is concerned when she starts receiving threatening phone calls and texts. A mysterious someone is stalking her, and the threats are escalating. When official channels fail, Laura falls back on old skills she learned years ago from her father-in-law, Archer Snow, to protect herself against a dangerous foe who wants her dead.

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