Monday, August 2, 2021



You don't have to be insane to be an author, but it does help.

A fun day was had at the Charlotte Comicon on Sunday. Here's a shot of my table (and the crazy man behind it), another with me and Author Nicole Givens Kurtz as we showed of Snow Shorts Vol. 1 which features a story from each of us and Gary Phillips. You should totally pick up a copy HERE.

Thanks to showrunners Rick and David for a wonderful day and to my dad and H.E.R.B.I.E. the Muse for being my road trip partners for the weekend.

Looking forward to doing it again.


Click on the photos to see a larger view.

This was H.E.R.B.I.E.'s first encounter with the giant peach butt on Interstate 85 in Gaffney, SC. His ocular circuits aren't sure how to process it.

After returning from this year's Charlotte Comicon, Facebook reminded me of this photo from the same con on the same day, 10 years earlier. This was a cool family. If I remember correctly (it was 10 years ago) Ambush Bug was in character the entire time. Ain't #ConLife grand?

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