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Abraham Snow’s latest action/thriller kicks off #TheSummerOfSnow with a bang on audio. Stuart Gauffi, the Voice of Snow, returns to perform SNOW HUNT, the 7th book in the award-winning Snow series written by Bobby Nash.

It started out as a routine security job. Then, a blast from the past walked out of the shadows.

When Thomas Hunt, an old friend from his Army days asks for his help in stopping a bomber from attacking a conference, Snow finds himself caught between an obligation to family, duty, and country. Which will he choose? And who is Charles Pope and what does he have planned for everyone's favorite former undercover operative turned p.i.? The hunt is on in SNOW HUNT.

Snow Hunt is the seventh book in the continuing adventures of Abraham Snow.
Are you ready for a new #SnowDay? Available in paperback, ebook, and audio.

Snow Hunt is written by Bobby Nash.
Narrated by Stuart Gauffi.
Edited by Michael Gordon.
Cover by Plasmafire Graphics’ Jeffrey Hayes.
Audio produced by Spoken Realms.
Published by BEN Books.

Snow Hunt audio
 is available at the following retailers:
Audible (audio download)
Amazon US (audio download)
Amazon UK (audio download)
Amazon CA (audio download)
Barnes and Noble (audio download/CD)
ThriftBooks (audio CD)
Booktopia (audio CD)
AudioBookStore (audio download)
Downpour (audio download/CD)
GooglePlay (audio download)
Audio Editions (audio download/CD)
Wheelers (audio CD)

Learn more about Snow at www.abrahamsnow.com

Happy listening.


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