Friday, June 11, 2021



WE LOVE READER REVIEWS! A big ol' shout out to Hamilcar Barca for the kind words and 8 1/2 star (out of 10) review of Pulp Reality #2. You can read the full article/review HERE.

Pulp Reality #2 features Snow Chase by Bobby Nash.

Here's a snippet from the article:
There are no “weak links” among the authors here; each tale kept me entertained and turning the pages. Here's a few things, without spoilers, that really stood out for me, one per tale:

In Old Flesh for New Bones, the breathtaking “feel” for sailing back in the swashbuckling era!
In NightVision, the deep character-development of the hero, in only 20 pages.
In To Race the Moon, the twist at the end of the story.
In Snow Chase, how well the “then/now” timeline technique worked.
In Patently False, the refreshingly new super-power.
In Fancy Cat, much better than The Shining, plus tons of plot twists.
In Kings of the Crustaceous Period, why eating crab legs may shorten your lifespan.
In The Wind-Up Kid, the technologically-believable mechanical hero.
In Ghost from the Past, the insight into the oddly fascinating Hawklin father/son relationship.
In Ace Anderson, the eerie concept of zombies on a submarine.

Pulp Reality #2 is available in paperback HERE.

Thanks again. Your review made our day.


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