Tuesday, February 16, 2021



Snow's own Bobby Nash joined authors Jen Mulvihill, Bill Craig, Selah Janel, Nikki Nelson-Hicks, Mark Bousquet, and Gordon Dymowski on Sean Taylor's Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Two-Fisted Action blog to discuss Characters Who Kick Ass... Emotionally. Check out the author's roundtable discussion HERE.

Main characters who are intense and aggressive and filled with vim and vigor, who punch first and may not ask questions at all, who get in in the villain's face and shake an angry fist while escaping the 13th death trap today, who climb mountains and ride dragons and drive swords through demonspawn... well, those heroes... we know all about what makes them tick and how to put all that energy and action on to the page. (If not, check out the bulk of the tutorials and roundtables on the blog.) But what about those times when that energy and action needs to be less, well... actiony... and a lot more subtle. What about those heroes who are heroes of the heart and warriors of words? How do you do that exactly as a writer? Find out HERE.

Thanks again, Sean. This was a great topic of discussion.


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